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Hey there creative thinkers, free folk, wild travellers and all in between, I'm Adam Brady and I live my life  capturing beautiful moments and also curating content for cool businesses. Everyone has their own unique story and I utilise my creative being from behind the lense and share the soul of those pictures I capture. As well as photography, I have a background in art, digital content and also floral design. 

I grew up a very suburban life...we had a great deal of land, animals aplenty and a garden paradise. My family spent every weekend exploring something new: hiking, camping, fishing, collecting all bits and bobs from either some old bric or brac, or even  just a few shells from the beach. My holidays were always spent at a relative's farm, hanging off the back of a truck and knee deep in the mud. and manure...those times were pure bliss.

Folks think I'm a little odd when I say my favourite time of the year is Winter. I love the barren trees, the leaves on the ground, the scent of smoke in the air, snuggled in front of the fire drinking mulled wine. It's when I'm the most creative. 

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